• Three pairs are right for the present day professional.
  • Two lace-up pairs, plus a pair of slip-ons for dress down Fridays or weekends.
  • As you climb the corporate ladder, you can and should accumulate a few more. Black and brown are standard, safe hues.
  • Of the two corporate pairs, one could be a plain or cap toe, the other a more forward pair. The loafer might sport, say, a kilty or a tassel.
  • Take pride in your footwear. Not just the style and quality but also the condition of your shoes, say a lot about your character
  • Make sure they never look shoddy. That is, keep the leather luxuriously smooth and polished. And if you resolve and mind them as needed and give them the occasional day off, they look like new when they aren’t.
    View this video for tips.
  • And make the investment in shoes trees; they ll absorb the moisture from your feet and extend the life of your shoes.
  • In conclusion, remember that nobody ever regrets spending a little more on their shoes, mattresses or tire for their car.
  • Buy a shoe-horn.

  • Take your time while removing the tie and try to avoid tugging.
  • Never leave your tie knotted – You will find it irremediably creased.
  • If you spill something on your tie, dab it with talcum powder (don’t rub) then let your
    drycleaner take care of the stain.
  • Not sure how to tie a bow tie or regular tie?
    Watch this video, or view this image for a tutorial.
  • Use the large hangers when hanging.
  • Be certain to change clothing as soon as you get home.
  • Dry clean 3-4 times/year.
  • It’s better to steam jackets (don’t iron).